Honda CR-V vs Subaru Outback

Honda CR-V vs Subaru OutbackAre you a driver in Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, or Trevose that appreciates the value of a fully capable   SUV and one that has the convenience and safety features necessary to take your regular commutes to the next level?

The Honda CR-V and the Subaru Outback are two that are bound to be pretty high on your list of choices. That’s why Faulkner Auto Group has come up with this brief comparison that places them side- by-side. Follow along to find out what these SUVs are all about.

Honda CR-V vs Subaru Outback: Spotlight on Convenience

Honda CR-V vs Subaru OutbackWhen it comes to convenience, both vehicles supply you with that extra space you need when you’re trying to get everything to fit. The CR-V has a cargo volume that measures at 39.2 cubic feet when the rear seatbacks are upright and 75.8 cubic feet when they’re folded down.

The Outback’s potential for stowing is right up there with that of the CR-V. With the rear seats up, it has 35.5 cubic feet of cargo volume. That number goes all the way up to 73.3 cubic feet when the back seats are folded down.

The Hill Start Assist presents you with another convenience on the part of the Honda CR-V. This standard feature helps you out if you’ve been parked on the side of a hill. When you’re ready to make your way up to the top, it kicks in by continuing to apply pressure to the brakes while you’re moving your foot over to the gas pedal. This extra moment of brake pressure enables you to accelerate before gravity has the opportunity to pull the vehicle back down.

The Subaru Outback also helps out when you’re driving through hilly terrain. One feature that’s sure to come in handy here is the standard Hill Descent Control. It provides you with extra control when you’re going down a hill by helping to maintain a constant speed.

Supportive Safety Features

Honda CR-V vs Subaru OutbackSafety is usually a pretty high priority whenever you’re weighing your options to decide which vehicle has what it takes to be your next travel companion. If that’s the case, you’ll be happy to know that both SUVs are equipped with rearview cameras. These standard features help you get a full view of the area directly behind the vehicle whenever you find yourself having to back in or out of a parking spot or driveway.

The Driver Attention Monitor is one Honda CR-V safety feature that is particularly useful whenever you’re taking longer trips or driving late at night. It’s able to warn you if it determines that you’re too tired to go on without taking a break.

Honda CR-V vs Subaru Outback: Schedule Your Test Drives Today

As you can see, both the CR-V and the Outback have plenty to contribute to your drives throughout Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, and Trevose within the areas of convenience and safety. In order to get a feel for these and other attributes, all you have to do is contact Faulkner Auto Group about setting up a good time to take them out for a test drive.