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Car Air Conditioning Not Working

Car Air Conditioning Not WorkingIs your car air conditioner blowing hot air, or is it not blowing any air at all? If you turned your car air conditioner on for the first time all season only to find that it’s not working properly, you’ll want to get it fixed before the first heat wave hits Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, and Trevose.

Before bringing your car to the mechanic, Faulkner Auto Group can help you narrow down the issue. Here are five common reasons your car air conditioner is not working.

Refrigerant Leak

Car Air Conditioning Not WorkingMost of the time, if your car air conditioner no longer provides cold air, it’s because of a refrigerant leak. This will cause your air conditioner to slowly lose performance over time, as the refrigerant level gets lower.

Leaks can be caused by loose connections, punctured or cracked hoses, and other issues throughout the system. You can visually check for leaks by looking for an oily residue, which is usually most visible on the condenser. However, not all leaks are easy to see.

Recharging your air conditioner with fresh refrigerant is the easiest way to get it blowing crisp, cold air again. Unfortunately, this doesn’t solve the underlying issue that led to a loss of performance in the first place. Our service center can help you find and repair the leak, so you don’t need to keep recharging your system.

Blocked or Broken Condenser

Car Air Conditioning Not WorkingThe condenser is one of the main parts of your car’s air conditioner. It’s located right at the front of your car, sandwiched between your radiator and grille. In fact, it even looks like a mini radiator.

Due to this location, it’s easy for road debris like dirt, sticks, and leaves to clog the air conditioner condenser. Clearing the debris from the condenser will help it work more effectively. After using your hands to clear away larger debris, you can use a high-pressure water hose or soft-bristle brush to further clean the condenser.

Unfortunately, if you notice that some of the debris has punctured the condenser, you’ll need to get it replaced. A puncture in the condenser would lead to a refrigerant leak like we discussed above.

Clogged Cabin Air Filter

Car Air Conditioning Not WorkingYou turn the fan power all the way up, but the airflow coming out of your vents still seems weak. This could be due to a clogged cabin air filter inhibiting airflow. If you haven’t been following manufacturer recommendations for replacing this air filter, now’s a good time to do so.

Electrical Issues

There are a lot of different electrical issues that could be preventing your car air conditioner from working properly, as well. For instance, a faulty AC switch could prevent it from getting any power at all. Meanwhile, a bad sensor could make the air conditioner turn off before sufficiently cooling the cabin.

You can easily check the associated fuses to see if they’re blown. Check your owner’s manual to find out where the fuse box is in your vehicle. It will also provide a map of the different fuses, so you know which one to check.

If you replace a broken fuse and it still doesn’t work—or blows again shortly afterward—there may be a short in the AC system. A certified mechanic can help find and repair the issue.

Compressor Issues

The compressor is another major component of your vehicle’s air conditioner. With the air conditioner turned on, you can visually inspect the air conditioner compressor. First, make sure the drive belts are in good condition. Then, check to make sure the compressor clutch—located right next to the belt pulley—is spinning.

There could be a couple reasons the clutch is not spinning. It may not be getting power for some of the reasons we discussed above. It could be faulty and need replacing. Extremely low refrigerant levels will also prevent the compressor from turning on.

Get Your Car Air Conditioner Fixed Today!

If you want a certified mechanic to help diagnose and repair air conditioner issues, contact Faulkner Auto Group to set up an appointment. Our service center can provide all sorts of car repair for Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, and Trevose drivers.