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Summer Car Tips and Maintenance

Summer Car Tips and MaintenanceSummer places very different demands on your car than winter does. You want to provide the right kind of car maintenance to keep your vehicle running smoothly all summer long—from daily commutes to longer road trips.

Follow these summer car tips from Faulkner Auto Group, and you’ll be set for your travels through Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, and Trevose.

Check Your Fluids

Your engine’s various components always need lubrication to protect it from wear and tear. This is even more important in the summer, because proper lubrication also helps to prevent overheating. That makes this a good time to check the level and condition of your car’s various fluids. This includes things like:

  • Check Your FluidsMotor oil
  • Coolant
  • Brake fluid
  • Transmission fluid

If you’re due for any fluid replacements, make sure to get those appointments scheduled, too.

Check Your Battery

While you’re under the hood, inspect your battery. Summer can wreak even more havoc on a car battery than winter, so you want to start off with everything in good condition.

Check Your BatteryFirst, make sure the terminals are clear of any corrosion and the clamps are secure. Look at the battery shape: Is it still a nice rectangle, or has the case become bloated or cracked? These are both signs you should get a new battery.

Heat can cause your battery’s fluids to evaporate, so try to park in the shade to slow down this process. Lastly, get your battery tested with a multimeter to make sure it’s still in good working order—especially if it’s already a few years old.

Check Your Air Conditioner

When the first heat wave of the summer rolls in, you want to make sure your air conditioner is ready to keep you cool. Turn it on now to make sure it’s providing you with cool, crisp air. That way, if something’s not in working order, you can get it fixed before you need it.

Check Your Air ConditionerYou should also take this time to provide a little preventative maintenance to your AC. First, clear the condenser of any debris. The AC condenser sits between your radiator and grille, where sticks, leaves, and other things can easily get lodged in it. Once this is clear, hose down the condenser to remove additional dirt.

While you’re at it, check the cabin air filter. If it’s clogged, it can prevent air from making it through your AC vents.

Check Your Tires

Check Your TiresDrastic temperature changes—such as those that happen between winter and summer—can cause your tires to lose pressure. Low tire pressure means your car isn’t running as efficiently as it could and can cause extra wear and tear to your tires.

In addition to checking tire pressure, take a look at your tire tread. You want to make sure your vehicle has plenty of tread to prevent hydroplaning during summer rainstorms. Take this time to check your spare tire kit, too, if you have one—this will come in handy in case you do get a flat on your summer trip.

Check Your Wipers

Check Your WipersSpeaking of those summer storms, you’ll want to make sure you have a clear view of the road ahead while the rain is pouring down. Gently wipe your wiper blades with a clean cloth to remove any road dirt, so they don’t leave behind streaks.

Check for damage as you do this. If you notice any tears or cracks, replace your wiper blades. Lastly, make sure your wiper fluid is topped off so you can easily clean away dead bugs or bird droppings when you’re on the road.

Finally, Give Your Car a Good Wash & Wax

Finally, Give Your Car a Good Wash & WaxIf you haven’t already gotten all the salt off your car, make sure to give the exterior a good cleaning. Finish it off with a wax to ensure your paint job stays shiny and protected for years to come.

Finally, put away the ice scraper until next winter. Replace it with a dashboard sunshade to keep your cabin cool and protected.

Schedule Summer Car Maintenance Today!

With these summer car maintenance tips, your vehicle will be ready for any summer adventure.

Need help getting your car ready for summer in Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, or Trevose? Faulkner Auto Group can provide all the vehicle maintenance mentioned above, as well as any other repairs your car might need.