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Why Idling is Not Good for Your 2019 Mazda CX-5

Why Idling is Not Good for Your 2019 Mazda CX-5When the weather is excessively hot or cold, we understand how tempting it is to quickly run out to your driveway to heat up or cool down your cabin before hitting the road. While this simple morning routine seems logical to many, it’s doing you and your SUV a disservice.

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Continue reading to learn why idling is not good for your 2019 Mazda CX-5 and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!

3 Reasons Why Idling is Not Good For Your 2019 Mazda CX-5

Idling Doesn’t Warm Up Your Car FasterIdling is the act of keeping the engine running while parked, and while seemingly innocuous is, in fact, ineffective, wasteful, and potentially hazardous to your health not to mention the local environment.

While idling your Mazda CX-5 for brief periods of time won’t cause any serious damage, you should remain careful not to sit for too long for the following reasons:

Idling Doesn’t Warm Up Your Car Faster

During the winter months, a lot of people tend to turn to let their Mazda CX-5 idle thinking it helps warm up the engine. However, this goal can be achieved at much faster rate by driving.

On average, an idling engine produces 600-1,000 RPM.  On the other hand, by simply getting into the SUV and driving, you’ll immediately increase the RPM level, subsequently heating up the engine and your cabin much faster than by waiting.

Idling Wastes FuelIdling Wastes Fuel

According to the Environmental Defense Fund, an idling engine burns between 1/5th to 7/10th of a gallon of fuel an hour. If you habitually idle your SUV, this can quickly start to increase your fuel costs.

From an efficiency standpoint, there really isn’t any advantage towards letting your 2019 Mazda CX-5 sit idle even for just a few minutes. Quickly starting and stopping your engine burns a fraction of the fuel that idling does. The only thing that you’ll get by leaving your engine on is more trips to the pump.

Idling Creates Harms The Atmosphere

Burning gasoline creates carbon monoxide, an odorless and colorless gas that if consumed can lead to respiratory issues/asthma, dizziness, and if consumed in large enough amounts can even lead to death.

Drivers should always avoid idling their vehicle inside a garage or any enclosed area which lacks proper ventilation. Your exhaust also emits other types of potentially toxic fumes that can pollute the local environment and atmosphere.

The 10 Second RuleWhat’s The 10 Second Rule?

It’s been proven that it only takes around 10 seconds worth of fuel to start up a warm engine. So, if while running errands around town you find yourself idling for more than 10 seconds, place your Mazda CX-5 in park and turn off the engine.

Obviously, you wouldn’t follow this rule at say, a traffic light, but when parked outside of a building or even during a long traffic jam is ideal.

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