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How to Find PSI in Car Tires

How to Find PSI in Car TiresHaving the correct tire pressure is important for not just extending the life of your tires but also maintaining decent fuel-economy. On modern cars, the recommended PSI level can be found either on a sticker located inside the driver’s side door or within your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

At Faulkner Auto Group, our tire center is committed to providing you with the tools and resources to keep you happy on the road. If you’re a driver living near Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, or Trevose looking for tips on how to properly care for your car’s tires, continue reading below!

How Do I Check My Car’s PSI Levels?

Having the correct tire pressure is vital to both your car’s overall performance and safety while on the road. Properly inflated tires not only ensure optimal fuel efficiency, they also provide a smoother and more responsive ride.

How Do I Check My Car’s PSI Levels?The good news is that checking your PSI levels is relatively simple when you perform the following steps:

1.    Confirm the Manufacturer’s PSI.  As previously mentioned, this number can either be found inside the driver’s side door well or your owner’s manual. If using special winter or high-performance tires, we advise you ask a certified technician about best practices.

2.    Find a Shaded Parking Space. For the most accurate result, make sure your tires are as cool as possible before checking their PSI level. We recommend checking them either early in the morning or in the evening when outside temperatures are coolest.

3.    Use a Digital PSI Gauge. Uncap the nozzle on each tire and insert the digital gauge over the valve stem. The gauge should be securely fastened as not to let any air leak out. Take note of each tire’s PSI level.

4.    Fill to the Recommended PSI. Using an air compressor, fill each tire up to the recommended PSI level making sure you don’t over inflate any of the tires.

How Often Should I inspect My Car’s PSI Level?

How Often Should I inspect My Car’s PSI Level?

Several factors including local road conditions, weather, and your personal driving habits can affect you’re your tire’s air pressure. To avoid an unexpected breakdown, we recommend inspecting your tires at least once per month. This involves checking your PSI levels as well as doing a visual inspection for any of the following signs of wear or damage:

•    Poor tread depth
•    Sidewall cracks and blistering
•    Bulges or punctures

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