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Hybrid vs Gas Fuel Cars

Over the past two decades, hybrid cars have significantly grown in popularity throughout Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, and Trevose due in large part to their great fuel-efficiency, innovative technologies, and ever-increasing variety of styles and designs.

If you’re currently in the market for a new vehicle and are trying to compare the advantages between a hybrid and a conventional gas vehicle, Faulkner Auto Group is here to help. Continue reading our hybrid vs. gas fuel car comparison before taking a closer look!

How Does a Hybrid Car Work?

Hybrid Plugin

While a traditional car relies solely on an internal combustion engine to create power, a hybrid car employs an electric motor and battery to supplement the engine’s output. Unlike a fully electric vehicle, a hybrid still relies on gasoline to create most of its power.

It accomplishes this through a process called “regenerative braking” that recycles the kinetic energy created whenever you slow down or come to a full stop. While gas-only cars expel this energy, hybrids store this energy inside its special batteries

This recycled energy is then used to help accelerate the vehicle from an idle stop while running interior features like the air conditioning, entertainment system, etc. A few advanced hybrid models can charge their batteries directly from a special outlet. These “hybrid plug-in” models are essentially electric cars with a back-up gas engine.

What Are the Advantages of Hybrid vs Gas Fuel Cars?

Probably the most obvious advantage to a hybrid car is the ability to drive farther while making fewer stops at the pump. Depending on the hybrid model, driving style, and regular maintenance checkups, drivers can often enjoy a 50 MPG average.

Knowing this fact, a hybrid can be a wise investment for those who regularly travel long distances. Less dependence on fossil fuel also means a hybrid emits a much lower percentage of carbon dioxide and other pollutants into the local atmosphere, making it an environmentally friendly option.

Gas Fuel Advantages

Fuel Cap

By comparison, gas fuel cars offer their own benefits, especially for those who place performance and space high on their list. Gas engines tend to produce greater horsepower and torque, resulting in quicker acceleration and stronger towing power, not to mention increased cargo space.

Something else to consider is the potential maintenance and repair costs gas fuel cars incur compared to hybrids. Since gas-only cars use technology that’s less complex than hybrids, they’re often easier to service due to a readily available supply of parts.

Most maintenance can be performed from home or at any certified service center, making routine checkups simpler to perform.

Explore Our Line of Hybrid andGas Fuel Cars Today!

Ultimately, whether you decide to buy or lease a hybrid or traditional gas car, you’ll find an incredible selection to choose from at Faulkner Auto Group.

Dedicated to pairing drivers throughout Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, and Trevose with the car of their dreams, you can take the next step by visiting one of our convenient locations or by scheduling a test drive online!