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Do You Need 4WD This Winter?

4WD for winterWhen the winter snow falls, drivers throughout Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, and Trevose understand the benefits to having a vehicle with 4WD. While a cool head and a good set of tires go a long way towards keeping you safe, 4WD can provide an extra layer of protection when the road gets icy.

At Faulkner Auto Group, our team is dedicated to pairing you with a vehicle you’ll feel happy and safe driving all year long. To help you determine whether you really need 4WD this winter, continue reading our helpful guide!

What is 4WD?

Four-wheel-drive refers to a 2-axle vehicle that provides simultaneous power or “torque” to all four tires. A 4WD vehicle uses a transfer case which allows the driver to switch between 2-wheel-drive when traveling over normal road conditions and 4-wheel drive when driving over snow, ice, mud, or uneven terrain.

In some instances, you might see a vehicle listed as “4×4”. There’s no difference between 4WD and 4×4 and often are interchangeable.

The Benefits to Having 4WD

4WD for winterUnless you drive an all-terrain vehicle or pickup, most of the vehicles you see on the road today rely on either front-wheel or rear-wheel drive. This means that torque is supplied to only the front or rear tires. The smaller drivetrain often helps create more space inside the cabin while sometimes improving fuel consumption though the difference between 2WD and 4WD efficiency is often marginal.

The major advantages to choosing a vehicle with 4WD include:

  • Increased Traction Control. Traveling up snowy hills or around slick curves in the road is often simpler to manage since all four wheels are engaged. It’s also often easier to tow heavy items without getting stuck.
  • Greater Acceleration. In inclement weather, 4WD often supplies better acceleration, especially from a complete stop. If you ever experienced your tires spinning from the ice melt when sitting at a traffic light you understand this feeling.
  • Better Resale Value. If harsh weather is a common occurrence in your area, 4WD is a premium feature that’s highly sought after in the used car market. You can end up increasing the value of your trade-in simply by having this feature.

What’s the Difference Between 4WD and AWD?

In recent years, the popularity of all-wheel-drivetrain has grown significantly within the SUV crossover segment. While 4WD and AWD perform the exact same functions, the main difference between the two is flexibility.

Unlike 4WD, AWD provides a constant flow of torque to all four tires while 4WD allows drivers to switch back-and-forth between 2WD and 4WD.  This allows 4WD vehicles to increase fuel efficiency during the warmer months while still being able to perform confidently when wintry conditions appears.

Explore Our 4WD Models Today!

Now that you better understand how you can benefit from having 4WD this winter, we encourage you to see and feel the 4WD difference for yourself. If you’re a driver living near Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg or Trevose, visit Faulkner Auto Group or go online to schedule a test drive today!