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Is Car Battery Dead?

Car batteries typically last 4-5 yearsbattery warning light, with factors like weather affecting the exact time frame. If your vehicle isn’t performing like normal when driving around Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, or Trevose, then the car battery may be failing.

Continue reading to determine if your car battery is dead, and contact Faulkner Auto Group if you need a battery repair or replacement.

Signs You Need a New Battery

There are several ways to determine if you need a new car battery. These include…

  • Engine has a slow crank: The engine draws amperage (the strength of an electric current) from the battery during every startup. If the engine takes longer to crank up, then the battery may be close to dying.
  • Car won’t start after a jump: Jump-starting a vehicle may get the engine running. But, if the car doesn’t start again once you shut it off, then the battery is most likely the culprit.
  • Battery leak: If the battery leaks, then corrosion can form around the posts, where the positive and negative connections are located.
  • Check engine light: The check engine warning light may appear on the dashboard if the battery power is weak.

Failing Alternator

car battery with meterIf the battery seems to be working fine, but you’re still running into issues, then there may be something wrong with the alternator.

While the vehicle is running, take note of how bright the interior lights are. If the dashboard gradually dims, then it’s most likely due to a faulty alternator. This could also be the case when the headlights run bright as you accelerate but dim when you pull up to a red light.

Additionally, if you hear a growling sound or smell burning rubber or hot wires, then the alternator should be replaced as soon as possible.


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