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How to Check Transmission Fluids

Transmission fluid refill

When it comes to having your car regularly serviced, our service center at Faulkner Auto Group is here to perform any inspection or change to your car’s vital parts or fluids. Though there are a few ways you can stay proactive on your own in between the recommended service intervals for your particular make and model.

Doing your own inspections can be a preventive measure to keeping your car in top shape. One of those important components to the car is its transmission fluid. This guide is focused on helping our drivers in Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, and Trevose understand how to check transmission fluids in your vehicle properly.

Steps on How to Check Transmission Fluids

Transmission fluid valveBefore you can even check your transmission fluids, you will have to drive your vehicle first for some time to warm up the fluids. When you get back from driving it around, you will want to park the car but keep the engine running.

Go ahead and open the hood and take out the dipstick associated with the transmission fluids. This may be situated in different places depending on the vehicle. So, if you have trouble locating where it is, refer to your owner’s manual to see where to look.

Once you do find it and remove it, you then want to clean it off before putting it back into its slot. You’ll also want to make sure you wipe it off onto something clean like a towel, so you can inspect the oil that is left on it. Identify its color and notice if there is an unusual smell coming off the fluid. A good indication your transmission fluids are fine is if you see a red translucent color on the towel. If it is a darker color like brown or black, the fluids will need to be changed.

If the color is good and there isn’t a burnt smell, you can go ahead onto the next step to determine if you have enough transmission fluids inside your vehicle. Remove the dipstick for a second time and take a look to see how far up the stick the fluid reaches. You will see two markings, which are usually labeled HOT and COLD. If you see the fluids near the higher end of the mark that reads HOT, then you have the proper amount of fluids.

In a case where the fluids read lower than that, you will have to add and refill more. You can have our technicians do this or can fill it yourself. Just make sure you use the right type of transmission fluid for your vehicle.

Why Should I Check My Transmission Fluids?

Regularly checking your transmission fluid will help protect your car’s transmission over the long term. The fluids help reduce the damage done to the parts of the transmission by keeping them adequately lubricated as they move around. This results in less grinding of gears and keeps the metal components of the transmission from wearing due to friction and heat.

So, checking to see the condition of the transmission fluids and knowing that there is enough there will keep your vehicle performing the way it should and help you avoid any potential damage to the transmission.

Have Our Technicians Replace Your Transmission Fluids

Knowing how to check transmission fluids in your car will help you determine when it is time to have it serviced to avoid more serious issues from arising.

So for drivers in Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, and Trevose, you can schedule an appointment with our service department and we will handle any maintenance needs you have.


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