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What is the Emission System in the Nissan Altima?

What is the Emission System in the Nissan Altima?

The emission system of your Altima allows your engine to run cleanly as well as efficiently. No matter what the operating conditions may be, if your emission system is maintained regularly, there won’t be any unexpected problems. This is why we recommend that you get the emission system inspected on a regular basis.

When you see the warning light flashing on the dashboard, take your vehicle to a licensed mechanic immediately for a checkup. This is because; failure to do so will significantly reduce your mileage, while also causing your Altima to pollute the environment.

What is the Emission System?

Your vehicle’s emission system is responsible for controlling the exhaust emissions and pollutants; this also involves the redirection of gasoline vapors from the fuel tank. This system is made up of computerized engine controls, an array of sensors, and several exhaust components.

One of the main jobs of an emission system is the reduction of harmful gases like carbon monoxide, unburned hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxide that are emitted from the engine, and all car owners and manufacturers are legally required to restrict these emissions to keep them within an acceptable range.

Reasons for Emission System Problems

The typical wear and tear of an emission system occurs for a number of reasons. Out of these, the way you drive your Altima significantly impacts the emission systems as well. Furthermore, the atmospheric conditions of the area you reside plays a major role. The kind of load you put on your engine will also be transferred to the emission system, affecting its performance.

If you notice that the mileage of your vehicle has begun to suffer, there is a strong chance that some components of your emission system need to be exchanged and replaced with new ones. The age of the vehicle is also directly proportional to the condition of the emission system, so the older the car is, the more deteriorated the emission system will be.

Often, the electrode material of a spark plug causes problems; due to which, they cannot function properly, causing more issues in the long-term and reducing the mileage of your car. Aside from all this, poor maintenance of your vehicle is perhaps the most common factor of them all. If the maintenance isn’t conducted properly or regularly, different problem areas of your vehicle will overlap, putting a huge dent in your savings as you opt for multiple repairs.

In order to maintain a healthy and green environment, as well as to save money on extra repairs, it is crucial that emission systems are maintained properly. If you need emission system service, visit your closest Faulkner Auto Group location!