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How to Clean Your Nissan Rogue’s Engine The Right Way

Nissan Rogue

The worst mistake that a car owner can make is not bothering to pop the hood and check on the car’s engine from time to time, making sure it is clean. What many drivers fail to acknowledge is that getting rid of the extra and definitely unwanted dirt, grease, fuel, and oil from under the hood can actually improve your car’s performance and increase its efficiency. Faulkner Nissan of Harrisburg, PA knows the importance of cleaning under the hood. Here is a guide to help car owners learn how to clean under the hood the right way.

The Engine

Keep in mind that most engines which are found nowadays in cars are made of metal; they are dependent on wiring, gaskets, rubber hoses, etc in order to function properly. Because the wiring and other nonmetal parts of the engine can be exposed to deterioration, it becomes even more important to make sure that the surrounding areas are clean. They can deteriorate due to the chemicals which the fuel and gas leak; grease buildups may affect the functionality of the many components of the engine too. The first thing to do is to wipe the engine clean with a clean rag piece. Try to clean as much as you possibly can under the Nissan’s hood without removing any parts or wires.

Do Not Use a Hose

Never use a hose to clean your engine. The water can get into the other parts of the car and cause the electronics components within to go haywire; this could even result in short circuits. If a cleaning job is needed, use a clean rag to get the work done. Once you have done all you could have yet there is still a lot left to be cleaned, enlist the help of a mechanic or a professional car washer.

Selling without Cleaning is a BIG NO!

If you are putting your Nissan Rogue up for grabs, do not forget to clean under the hood before you set a meeting with a buyer. There are drivers who will inspect every inch of the car, and if they spot signs such as tons of gunk on and around the engine, the deal will be called off for sure.

Bonus Tip

Drivers should always keep an eye on their cars, especially the engine; they stay in profit that way. For instance, if the engine is accumulating oil very quickly, check the car’s PCV value to make sure if there is any clog. The PCV is responsible for rerouting all of the fumes which leave through the exhaust. The PCV does this by first taking the fumes all the way to the engine, and then brings them out through the exhaust. While doing so, often the pipe get clogged causing the buildup of oil and grease, and other sediments as well which are harmful to the engine.

For more tips on the maintenance of the Nissan Rogue’s engine as well as how to keep it running in optimal condition for longer, talk to our experts at Faulkner Nissan, located in Harrisburg, PA.

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