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5 Tricks for The Nissan Murano SUV

Nissan Murano

Hey, did you know you can do some really cool tricks and hacks with your Nissan Murano and with just a couple of household items? Well, Faulkner Nissan of Jenkintown (Philadelphia), PA has some really neat things for you lined up and these not have been more fun.

  1. De-Sanitize. Lots of drivers do not know about the many cool tricks which they can do, like using sanitizer to de-ice the door handles. There is a small concentration of alcohol in hand sanitizers which melts the ice which has been frozen on the handle of your Murano. Ice issues? Not anymore!
  2. Dents & Dry Ice. We know it may be really hard to believe it, but it is possible, do try it. You can use extremely cold ice to get rid of dents. Wear a pair of gloves. pick up some ice, and start rubbing. The cold metal of the car gets attracted to the cool ice, like a magnet. When you rub the ice on the metal, it starts to come back out slowly, repeat until the dent is gone.
  3. Lace It. Locked yourself out of your car again? No problem! Faulkner Nissan of JNK has the perfect solution for you. All you need is a shoelace, and some pretty neat lasso skills. Tie a small hook at one end of the shoelace and use it to lasso the lock mechanism, but remember, this only works with some of the locks, not all of them.
  4. Staples Remover. Be careful while doing this hack though. Let us assume your key ring for the Nissan Murano has now turned a bit harsh, it won’t open easily or budge at all. Now what you can do is use a staples remover to help you keep the ring open. Use it to add or remove keys, and say no to harsh key rings.
  5. Keep it Light. Do not use a heavy keychain; it adds unnecessary pressure on your ignition. Go for the lighter ones. A lighter keychain means less pressure on the ignition and on the key as well. This will prevent your key from breaking in half, leaving one part still stuck in your Murano. Keep these tricks and hacks in mind, you never know when there might come a time when they will prove how useful they are.

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