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Tips to Keep Your Nissan Versa Safe from Theft

Nissan Versa Car Theft Prevention

Often many customers of dealerships are concerned that their vehicles can be stolen and can cause them trouble. Rest assured, we at Faulkner Nissan of Harrisburg, ensure that your Nissan Versa indeed will not be regarded as a stolen vehicle, if you follow these simple tips and tricks:

Car Theft

You know how horrible it sounds when we hear that cars in the neighborhood are being stolen; a shiver can be felt within our bodies, being concerned for our own vehicles if they are safe enough or not. Even after taking precautions, car thieves sometimes get away with the theft, but here is how you can stop that from happening.


Installing car alarms can prove to be very useful as they go off if someone even touches your vehicle. When the alarm is on, the alarm’s unique system lets the car detect motion and sensation. When you apply a small amount of force to the car, the alarm goes on. The sound is very loud and powerful, which scares the thief away, unless he intends to be caught by the local police or nearby security guards.

Stay Alert

Often it is really easy to forget our assets behind. It has happened with us more than once, and will probably keep happening with us as well in the future. The best way to stop this is by hooking your keys on to your belt loops. Hooking your keys on the loops will keep them in your presence at all times. This is a useful trick, as one can easily forget their keys inside a store, and when you run back to catch them, you do not get a sigh of relieve as they vanish in to thin air. Other times, many forget the keys within the ignition, making it easier for the thief to steal the car, especially if you leave the doors unlocked.

Spare Keys

It is good to keep spare keys with you, but when it comes to your Nissan Versa, you would not want to take any risks as nowadays thieves are specialists in finding the most ridiculous and hardest hiding places where a person can place a spare key, especially if it is in or around your vehicle itself.

To get more tricks and tips for your Nissan Versa, visit us at www.faulknernissanharrisburg.com, or come on down and test drive a safe vehicle.

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